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GBA-Shell version 1.61

General User Documentation

  • Introduction

GBA-Shell is a free front-end that basically allows you to browse easily trough your GBA ROMs collection and start the GBA emulator, when a choice is made.

This program is dedicated to run with the GBA emulator VisualBoyAdvance.

Only ROMs, renamed with GBA-Renamer are supported.

Platforms supported: Windows 98, Me, 2000, NT, XP.

Current Version: 1.61 (July 2003).

  • Usage


Create SEPARATED folders for the ROMs, the images and the emulator.

You need Gameboy Advance ROMs, gba, agb, bin or zip, in order to run it.

The screenshots should at least have the same 4 digits as the dedicated ROMs.

Be sure to make a capture of a game with VisualBoyAdvance, after you rename it with GBA-Renamer to prevent any confusion.

GBA-Shell is supporting the following picture formats: JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG.

Up-to-date screenshot packages are available for download at the GBA-Shell website.

Getting started:

First create the folders (Rom, Start, and Ingame for example) and copy the files into it.

Then start GBA-Shell and select the location of the folders and emulator in the Settings box.

A timer can be turned on and off for toggle between Start and Ingame pics.

Select a ROM in the list box: the Start pic of the game should appear in the preview-window.

To lauch a game, just click on the Launch button or double-click on the selected ROM in the list box to start VisualBoyAdvance.

To search a ROM, enter a keyword or ROM number in the search box, use the button Clear to remove the search-entry.

When new ROMs are added while GBA-Shell is running, use the Refresh button to add them to the list.

There're 8 backgrounds (skins) available in GBA-Shell: just make a selection in “Background”: your choice will be saved.

A Web Browser is implemented with links to the GBA-Shell site, and forum.

Reset, Uninstall:

To remove all saved settings at once, use Reset Settings.

Always uninstall any current GBA-Shell installation via Add or Remove Programs before any new setup!!

  • Current Limitations

GBA-Shell is only supposed to work with VisualBoyAdvance.
If a screenshot isn't present or not conform to the dedicated ROM, a picture Screenshot not available will appear: check the location and name (first four digits) of the picture.
GBA-Shell cannot combine different types of Rom extensions in one folder: zipping the ROMs is the easiest solution in this case.
Don't copy the ROMs, screenshots and the emulator in a same folder: the shell cannot handle it. Make different directories for each type of files.
To add "beta" ROMs to the list, you have to rename them manually to XXX1, XXX2, etc instead of XXXX: the shell can't separate ROMs with the same number and country-code.

  • Links

GBA-Shell front-end:

VisualBoyAdvance Emulator:

GBA-Renamer Utility:

  • Authors

The Ultra

Main Code (Visual Basic), Optimizations, Fixes.


Optimizations, Graphics, Fixes, Help, Install, Website.

Thanks to Jorge for the Search-box and the Web Browser implementation.

Warning: you must own a legal copy of the games.
Gameboy and Gameboy Advance are registered trademarks of Nintendo.
Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP are registered trademarks of Microsoft.

GBA-Shell (c) Copyright 2003 by Đenus

:: GBA-Shell installer

GBA-Shell v.1.63 Updated on January 2004

Changes in v.1.63

- Added: Loop function for Start/Ingame screenshots (still buggy).
- Fixed ini-file error handling for using GBA-Shell from CD.

Settings window

First uninstall any previous version of GBA-Shell before running this setup.

Many thanks to The Ultra for his help!

download GBA-Shell v.1.63 (2.29Mb)
:: Visualboy Advance v1.7

(Nintendo Gameboy / Gameboy Advance Emulator for Windows)


Core changes:
- added fixes to video filters done by Flea for Mac OS X
- added/fixed ArcTan/ArcTan2 emulation
- added sound volume .25 and.50
- added hq2x/lq2x filters
- aded global cheat disable
- some code clean up
- fixed some CBA cheat support
- fixed ARM/Thumb instruction timing, including memory access
- fixed minor bugs in STMDx ARM instructions
- fixed ARM LDRx instructions when base equals dest

- added support for 8M roms
- (re)added support for 2-4 playes in SGB mode
- added sprite limit emulation (thanks Ricky of KiGB)
- cancel pending EI when imediately followed by DI
- implemented DI/HALT bug
- implemented STAT write bug during VBLANK or HBLANK when in GB mode
- implemented GDMA delay in GBC mode (thanks TM of GEST)
- fixed priority between OBJ and Window
- fixed some SGB border problems
- fixed window rendering problems in some cases
- fixed CGB initial background palette to white
- fixed initial save memory value to 0xFF instead of 0x00 (thanks TM of GEST)
- fixed LCD interrupts to only occur once per line
- fixed incorrect display when BG is off
- modified interrut delay to 6 clock ticks instead of 2
- moved scanline update to beginning of HBLANK

- added predefined Gameboy palettes (thanks Kojote)
- added GBA IO Viewer to view/modify GBA hardware registers
- added menu entry to load most recent save state
- added menu entry to save state into oldest slot
- added option to auto load the most recent save state upon loading
- added fullscreen max scale option
- chnaged the bug report option to be a little more friendly
- enhanced save state submenus to show date/time of when save was made
- enhanced logging window to capture data even if not being displayed
- fixed Direct3D/OpenGL "green" bug with Motion Blur Interframe Blending
- fixed Direct3D full screen with Gameboy roms
- fixed minor bugs when saving images in the different viewers
- fixed power management disabling: should avoid monitor turning off now
- improved cheat input to be more flexible and easy to enter
- migrated whole GUI code to MFC 


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- What's new.
- Information about this site.

- Front-end for GBA emulation.
- Game screenshots for use with the shell.

- Links to some great sites... 

- Chatbox: leave a tag on the wall...
- Guestbook: no explanation necessary.
- GBA-Shell forum: the place for everyone.


1092 - Pokemon Saphir (G)
1093 - Super Mario Advance 4 (J)
1094 - Spy Kids 3-D - Game Over (U)
1095 - Tootuff - The Gagmachine (E)
1096 - Disney's Magical Quest 2 (J)
1097 - Croket! 2 Kindan no Bank to Banjyu (J)
1098 - Nakayoshi Pet Advance Series 4 - Kawaii Koinu Kogatainuhen (J)
1099 - Get! Boku no Mushitsu (J)
1100 - Hamster Paradise - Pure Heart (J)
1101 - Wing Commander Prophecy (E)
1102 - Bokura no Taiyo (J)
1103 - Sonic Pinball Party (J)
1104 - Pokemon Rubino (I)
1105 - Pokemon Zaffiro (I)
1106 - Pokemon Rubin (G)


:: Disclaimer

By entering, you specify that you agreed to the following:

- GBA-Shell and its web hosts / sponsors will not be liable for your actions.
- We are not liable for any /all damage done to your system.
- GBA-Shell is not liable for actions taken towards you.
- No files on this site may be linked directly.

I reserve the right to change this policy any time.


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