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Massive changes here, too many to list really... I think it's probably the definitive Qt based VBA Frontend. Which is pretty cool.
Biggest change is the addition of the "Rom Renamer" (original name I know) which will allow you to organise all your gba roms according to the correct numbered ID. Makes short work of getting your roms in order. We're now using the GBA-Shell (for windows) screenshot format so there's access to 2400 premade rom screenshots. To download them all go here and scroll down to the Screenshots box, and start downloading. There's about 25 megs of screenshots all up in 1 meg archives. I'll look at mirroring the screenshots here in the short future. A bug has been fixed which prevented the gba.bios file from being used.. and much much more. Have a look at the screenshot below to get an idea. Cheers, Tim.

Released under the GPL
Tested with VisualBoyAdvance 1.5.1
No known bugs at this stage, but I'm sure someone will find something :-)
Distribution archive contains an x86 compiled binary - compiled on Mandrake 9.1
Free non commercial roms can be downloaded from here: Public Domain Roms
Don't email me about commercial roms, I wont reply.

:: GBA-Shell installer

GBA-Shell v.1.63 Updated on January 2004

Changes in v.1.63

- Added: Loop function for Start/Ingame screenshots (still buggy).
- Fixed ini-file error handling for using GBA-Shell from CD.

Settings window

First uninstall any previous version of GBA-Shell before running this setup.

Many thanks to The Ultra for his help!

download GBA-Shell v.1.63 (2.29Mb)
:: Visualboy Advance v1.7

(Nintendo Gameboy / Gameboy Advance Emulator for Windows)


- added support for 8M roms
- fixed priority between OBJ and Window
- fixed some SGB border problems
- fixed window rendering problems in some cases
- fixed CGB initial background palette to white
- fixed initial save memory value to 0xFF instead of 0x00 (thanks TM of GEST)
- fixed LCD interrupts to only occur once per line
- fixed incorrect display when BG is off
- modified interrut delay to 6 clock ticks instead of 2
- moved scanline update to beginning of HBLANK
- (re)added support for 2-4 playes in SGB mode
- added sprite limit emulation (thanks Ricky of KiGB)
- cancel pending EI when imediately followed by DI
- implemented DI/HALT bug
- implemented STAT write bug during VBLANK or HBLANK when in GB mode
- implemented GDMA delay in GBC mode (thanks TM of GEST)


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